o hai august!

It's funny how sometimes life gets the better of you. You feel as if you're head is just above water, bobbing along and getting by just enough that you aren't totally starting to sink, like a soggy paper boat. Or at least that's how I feel the last few months have been. So much has happened!

In March:
- Nova and I went to Colour Conference with aunt & cousin in-laws. It was so great to experience this movement of women with family.
- We celebrated Adam's 26th birthday. Sadly, I can't quite remember how... dinner with extended family, somewhere? *face palm* *wife fail*

In April/May/June:
- Can't quite remember what particularly happened in these months.
- Lots of birthday party planning and creating for Nova's 2nd birthday.

In July:
- We went to Hillsong Conference as a family (Adam, Nova and I) as much as we could as I had an incredibly bad & long lasting flu that week, and for pretty much most of July and still now into August.
- We celebrated Nova's 2nd birthday with a family get together in our home. This was my first ever "hosting event" and it went quite well and was actually so fun!
- Started playing guitar again, practicing at home with some of my favourite worship songs. Also learned a few kids songs that Nova absolutely loves!

And now we're well into August! Despite the ups and downs so far, I am loving all that God has been doing in our lives this year, and hope to continue to capture snippets of His goodness in this blog. I still just like to blog for the fun of it, and for the benefit of being able to think things out as I type them, but would love for it to grow into something more if I had some drive and direction. Until then, I'll just use it to maintain my meagre writing skills and collect random thoughts, lessons learned, and crafty/making/baking goodness.

Afterthought: I suppose the most important thing for me when I have these months of "just getting by & before you know it you're in the second half of the year" is that even when things are just so hectic that I'm just barely holding on to who I know God is and what He does when we trust Him, He always responds and whispers into your heart at just the right time. I love that He is constant in every season of life.

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