goodbye february, hello mid-march

It feels like only a week or so has passed since I last blogged, but it's actually been a month. So much for my "month of thankfulness" series, I had good intentions. Let's just say there was much to be thankful for, and that I know there will continue to be many more because there is always something good that God is doing, even in the rubbishy parts of life.

I feel that I've fallen slack on keeping up with social media lately, as well as neglecting my crafty side. I guess life's just been a little fuller lately, I've been a little more tired, but I'm loving it and love that part of it is because I've been given the opportunity to serve with the worship team on Friday youth nights as well as Sunday mornings. This does make date nights a bit more of a juggling act when it comes to finding a free set of grandparents to babysit, we're taking each week as it comes. I'm so glad Adam is sweet and supportive of how we currently serve within our church as a family, and I'm doing my best to ensure I am loving and serving my hubby and daughter and taking care of our home prior to serving others. No point in loving others if I'm not loving those closest to me!

I find myself at the end of my patience lately as Nova has taken up the habit of yelling at the top of her lungs regardless of where we are, I am constantly reminding myself to remain calm and speak instructions calmly and not yell and get frustrated and embarrassed. And yet I still find myself looking forward to being pregnant again, having a newborn again and expanding our little family and filling it with more love. I have no idea how I'll do with two children, and we hope to at least have three! I suppose that's all part of motherhood. And I'm so glad I have Jesus through it all, to hear my frustrations, to help me unmuddle my thoughts, to comfort and strengthen me, to thank for all the blessings and joy we have.

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