a month of thankfulness, week two

It's been one of those weeks that flies by and you wonder where the time went. So glad I've been using Day One to easily keep track of what happened at the end of each day. It's a simply beautiful and an easy to use app. It's great for jotting down the unique things that might happen from day-to-day, and also helps me see how I've been managing my time each day. Very useful for self-reflection. Now on to week two of thankfulness!

Friday 3 February
- My favourite thing about Fridays is that my amazing hubby always plans for us to spend time together, just the two of us. It's always anticipated after a week of busyness and it's nice to take a small break from being parents to just being madly in love married couple. Tonight we had laksa and satay chicken for dinner, then saw a movie. Thankful for date nights!

Saturday 4 February
- Finished making myself a pair of crochet slipper/socks, perfect for cooler weather and not clunky like normal slippers. Thankful for crafternoons.
- Found out my sister-in-law is expecting her second child, due in August. So excited!! Thankful for the blessing of children.

Sunday 5 February
- Bible Study started back up today and we're going through the book of Micah. I love learning the history and culture that occurred during the time each of the books of the bible was written, and it helps give a proper understanding and revelation of what God is telling us in his word. Thankful for bible studies!

Monday 6 February
- I tried making a new meal for dinner but must've had the stove on too hot and burned the stuff at the bottom of the pot. It came out okay, but had an unintentional smokey flavour to it (I hate smokey flavoured foods). Nova wouldn't touch it, but Adam ate it all and said he quite enjoyed it! Thankful for such a sweet hubby & friend.

Tuesday 7 February
- Managed to get laundry done, hung & dried despite clouds covering the sky and the forecast of rain all day. Thankful for a break in the weird rainy weather we've had this summer!
- Today was pay day (it comes through in the afternoon) and since we were down to only baked beans and grocery shopping was planned for tomorrow, so we had KFC for dinner. Thankful for God's provision and for fast food ;)

Wednesday 8 February
- Adam stayed home today so he was able to help me do the grocery shopping for the next fortnight (honestly, I just love his company). We were also able to finally swap our little fridge for a larger second-hand one that we were given. It is so nice to have a larger fridge! Thankful that Adam had extra leave and able to take days off work, and thankful for other people's unwanted fridges!

Thursday 9 February
- Had lunch for the first time with a girlfriend I met at church. It was so nice to get to know her better as she's always so sweet and loves Nova. Thankful for friendships.
- Had a migraine in the afternoon, and didn't even feel like eating half of my dinner. Adam prayed for me before I left home for band practice, by the end of the night the pain was totally gone. Thankful for healing!

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