a month of thankfulness

I think I often forget how very blessed I am; I'm a pessimist by nature and a optimist by choice. So as a challenge to me and a celebration of all God is doing in my life, I am declaring the month of February as a month of thankfulness! So for each day that goes by, I will try to list at least 2 things I am thankful for.

Wednesday 1 February
- Had a massive slip on rainy wet tiles while I had Nova in my arms. Somehow managed to land on my knees upright and didn't drop Nova on her head! I walked away with a cut on my lip (I think from my keys in my other hand?) and sore stubbed toes. Thankful for God's protection!
- Went to hospital for post-operation exam. The cyst was benign and I've recovered well from the surgery. Thankful for healing!

Thursday 2 February
- Had a great time at band practice, learning to push myself and sing out of my comfort zone. Thankful for the opportunity to serve in my church worship team.
- Adam told me how much he loved & appreciated me taking care of Nova and our home. Thankful for a loving, sweet & encouraging husband.

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  1. This is such a great idea, I love it. I love you. Keep it coming Darling!


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