|| the four day long post

Sometimes I think that I don't get much done in a day, either because I've had a lazy day or because random things have come up and forced me to push aside my plans for the day. When I'm asked how my week was I often answer with "same old mum stuff" as a quick sum up, usually because I can't remember if anything out of the ordinary or interesting happened.

This post originally started as a "things I did today" list. I wrote the list down but forgot to post it at the end of the day, so I thought I'd post it the next day with a list for that day too. This repeated itself a few times till it became what it is today: the four day long post. At least it goes to show that every day IS different in its own special way :)

Things I did today:
- gave Nova a bath after she pointed and nodded vigorously at the bath tub
- bought buttons for $5 dress and crayons for Nova
- played Infamous 2 while Nova napped
- had Crust's peri peri pizza for dinner

Things I did yesterday:
- left hand prints in fresh pavement next to our driveway
- took a sick Nova to visit my mum & dad for cheering up (she was happy to see them!)
- bought $5 dress with missing buttons
- cuddled Nova and was thrown up on (she was happy and cheery after that!)
- had Oportos for dinner

Things I did the day before:
- washed dishes and hung clean washing
- received the Bloom Cosmetics body cream and face moisturiser that I'd ordered
- cooked Nando's Mediterranean peri peri chicken with sweet potato, carrots, broccoli & onion over rice

Things I did the day before that:
- vacuumed the house and washed dishes
- cried through the last 20min of Toy Story 3
- worked on crochet ripple baby blanket for baby Alex
- went for a walk with Nova and my sister
- cooked basil pesto & parmesan agnolotti with chorizo, veggies & bacon mushroom sauce

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