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I am not the best cook around. Cooking meals is something I only really took an interest in once I married and moved out of my parents home. Until then, I either ate dinner with my family or ate out; there was a lot of junk food in my late teens once I started earning my own cash. But I have always enjoyed baking! Which is odd as I'm not the biggest sweet tooth. But I love a good scone or cupcake, or any baked dough with icing on top. My latest endeavour was cranberry cinnamon snails. They came out almost perfect! I just wish they'd been a little softer.

A few of the blogs I follow have recently featured a personal recipe, and they all look so yummy that I thought I'd share them with you. I hope to try these out eventually myself!

Peanut butter treats
Nutella sandwich cookies
French macarons
Peanut butter, banana and nutella cupcakes
Sugar doughnut muffins (I've made these, soooo yummy!)
Honey peanut butter cookies
Chocolate crackles (made these too, didn't crackle properly but tasted AMAZING!)
Blueberry basil cheesecake cupcakes
Lemon squares
Snickerdoodle cupcakes

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