A summary of January

I've spent the past three weeks battling the worst flu in history. Some days it feels like a mean head cold with congestion and chesty coughing; other days were spent in bed with aches and pains, unable to eat or even walk without feeling nauseous or dizzy. I'm hoping the worst is over and that this time next week it will all feel like a bad dream.

Having explained my tardiness, I thought I'd combine into one post the different things I've been up to and into. Hopefully I'll have a better name for these by the time I get to writing them again for February!

- Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling is hilarious and completely relatable as she retells stories from her childhood into adulthood having immigrant parents.
- Live Love Lead I loved reading the inspiring stories that Pastor Brian Houston shares from his life and from the lives of other everyday, regular people that make up Hillsong Church.
- Simply Nigella I've loved reading Nigella's introductions to each recipe, and it's a treat to know that these recipes are not just tasty but also healthy!

Meet The Patels I thought this was a sweet story that highlighted the complexity of marriage in non-western cultures, specifically from India.
- People Places Things How can one not love a film starring Jemaine Clement? It was sweet to see him in the role of a loving dad.

TV Shows
- Nashville I am not a country music fan at all but I love seeing peoples love of music and the different ways that plays out in their lives.
- The Mind of a Chef David Chang shares memories and recipes of different meals and restaurants that impacted how he approaches the food he makes for others in his restaurant.
- Freaks & Geeks Watching this took me right back to the crazy fun melodrama of being in high school, such a shame they cancelled the show.

What I've been up to
- I've really been enjoying colouring books once the kids are in bed. I have quite the collection after receiving many as christmas gifts, but my favourite is my husband's Game of Thrones colouring book.
- We've recently started using Marley Spoon which has made life easier for me as there is less meal planning needed for the week and we get to try different recipes that I usually wouldn't feel able to cook out of fear the kids won't eat it. If anything, trying new things every week has made them a little more adventurous. And as long as they try it, they can leave the table without finishing the entire meal.


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  1. Ahhh Dany I love Nashville!! I'm the only one besides yourself that I know who watches it, I need someone to talk to about it haha!


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