farewell february

It's amazing how much can change in only a few months. I am finding myself more focused in my parenting, in my time spent seeking God, in managing housework. I know there aren't more hours in the day, in fact I have less to spare as time passes and Nova grows older. I just have a better understanding of the time I have and the importance of using it well. Time is precious, and it must be used purposefully on what is precious to me. And the beauty of it all is that I don't feel guilty for mismanaging time and neglecting what is important and valuable over what is temporarily engaging. I feel confident I am giving my best, that I am giving the current task my full attention, that I am 100% present.

As we go into March, I am glad I am seeing self improvement. I am eager and expectant to see more personal growth this year than in the year before, to hear from God and see him do amazing things beyond my imagination. I am ready for more of life.

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