Post-partum preparations

At 41 weeks pregnant with our third baby I feel quiet relaxed, if a little impatient, anticipating the next stage of motherhood sometimes known as the "fourth trimester". As much as that time is about the magic of falling in love and getting to know our newest addition to the family and adjusting to life as a family of five, I know that I will feel more at peace if I have a few things in place to make the transition easier for myself.

Nursing singlets
These are a must have for me, even more than breastfeeding bras, as I use them all year round with a kimono in summer and under a knitted jumper in winter. I loved the BONDS singlets sold in Australia and used them with my first two babies. Now that we are living in the Netherlands I've settled for H&M's selections and hope they will last the distance.

Lactation boosting tea and cookies
I had never realised that eating or drinking certain things could boost milk supply until recently so I am eager to give this a try. Courtney of Babyccino recently posted a recipe for lactation cookies that looks delicious, and I've found a few different teas online that I'd like to order and try (1, 2, 3).

Baby Moon
The adjustment period and time to heal. By this I mean not only the necessary creams for cracked nipples and healing after birth stitches (I tore with my first two babies and hope to be luckier third time around). I also mean time to bond with the newborn, not just for myself and my husband but also our older two babies who have been eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby brother. To be able to watch them fall in love with him and learn not to be alarmed at the cries of a newborn will take time. We will have a kramzorg coming to check on me and the baby the first 8 days after birth. My husband will be working from home for the first few weeks and we have friends that have offered their help with school pickups and meals which will certainly help me ease into this new stage of motherhood. And despite being so far from our family and feeling a little sad we won't be able to share this time with them, I know I will appreciate not having the pressure of having regular visitors when I'm sleep deprived and achey and possibly haven't showered and smell like breastmilk.

I think each baby is a learning experience whether it be your first, second or third. Our living and financial situations were different each time. My husband and I have grown so much as individuals and as a couple since we first became parents. Life is good and I am ready for the next adventure to start!


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